Efficient Floor Heating Just Got More Comfortable

There’s a lot to like about radiant floor heating: less dust, cleaner air, comfortable flooring and significant energy savings over traditional heating, to name a few.

Equs offers both Screed A and C in your heated flooring systems, and we can assist you choosing what system is right for you.

If you select the Agilia Screed A and Schluter’s radiant floor heating solution, we will install a fully tested hydronic heating encapsulation system. Agilia® Screed A and Schluter®-BEKOTEC modular, polystyrene panels deliver fast installation. This floating floor system will also prevent cracking and curling, which is especially important in radiant floor slabs where temperature is constantly changing.

Bringing you ultimate thermal performance, the system’s thinness allows the floor to gain, store and release heat better than conventional hydronic flooring systems. And the BEKOTEC panels ensure the heat stays in the floor, where it belongs-rather than heating the ceiling of the level below.

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More Benefits of the Agilia Screed A & BEKOTEC System

  • The thermal conductivity of Agilia Screed A is up to three times higher than cement-based screeds.
  • Shorter construction schedules, decreased by two weeks average.
    • Pre-heating begins 5 to 7 days with our system-compared to 21 days with conventional subfloors.
    • Floor covering can be applied at 21 days-compared to 35 days.
  • Reduced weight at 10lbs per square foot-compared to 15-18lbs.
  • Reduced material thickness achieves the same strength.
    • 30mm of screed to cover over pipes.
    • 43mm of screed for the whole system-compared to 60mm.
  • Good compaction around the heating pipes. Free-flowing of screed eliminates gaps and air pockets that are common with traditional screeds.
  • Ready mix screed makes the application safe, easy and mess free.
  • Meets or exceeds requirements of the Canadian Building Code.
  • Fast application, able to place much more than 40,000 ft2 per day.
  • Easy placement, pump-applied using a simple barring method, fewer joints, and no reinforcement.
  • Only ready-mix solution in Canada, for safe and mess free application.
  • Cost savings, with less labour, less time, and using less material, while maintaining the same performance.